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About Urbegestión

Urbegestión website has been created to meet the needs of city making in Latin America. It is a specialized search engine and information aggregator to facilitate access to knowledge about main urban related topics.

Makes available own and compiled materials from various sources, and includes links to relevant sites to city´s issues; offers space in social networks for exchange, and also channels views and information provided by users.

Urbegestión works for:

  • Making available for the community of city managers and professionals an online information tool (website, social networks, blogs, messaging).
  • Enabling access to contents and references on best practices, methodologies, tools, technologies, legislation, education, and training on urban management.
  • Offering a support and advice channel to local governments.
  • Contributing to knowledge exchange between actors of local management.

Urbegestión wants to contribute to a better performance of our cities, for the good of its people.